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Nothing to see here …

Soon your fancy interweb browsers will be directed to the all-new 

That will happen on July 15th actually. (You may have seen mention of that date around here recently.)

Nothing new will be posted here until the re-launch as I finalize all of the new stuff. In fact, nothing will be posted here ever again. 

Suck it, WordPress.

EDIT: I would appreciate it if you all would use this post — which will still be accessible via — to leave any feedback or comments on the new site. Word? Word.


July 15th in history

1932 – President Herbert Hoover cuts his own salary by 15-percent. Exactly 77 years later, relaunches by increasing its own awesomeness by 1,500-percent.

July 15th in history

1869 — Margarine is patented in France by Hippolyte Mege Mouries. Exactly 140 years later, people throughout the world would enjoy margarine-topped breakfast pastries while going online to see the re-launch of

July 15, 2009

Oh. Yeah.

I am coward

On the SportsPickle Twitter page earlier this week, I linked an item from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Pirates blog that ripped my Page 2 column about the Nate McLouth trade. That day I also wrote an e-mail to the blog’s writer, Dejan Kovacevic, because I felt he missed the point and target of the column.

Today he reprinted my e-mail in his blog. You can go here to check it out. But my favorite part is in the comments section where a poster named “Fat Jimmy” writes …

Frankly, I thought Mr. K overreacted, too, to Gallo’s column.  I didn’t see anything wrong with it.  But Gallo is a coward and a punk for writing that e-mail.  Since when do columnists beg for mercy like that?  Pathetic.  I’ve never been a fan of Gallo’s work, now I’m not a fan of Gallo as a person or a professional.  If you’re going to publish a column, be confident enough in what you write to stand behind it even if criticized.

What a loser.

Next time you find yourself wondering how certain people in the national media not only have jobs — but large, loyal and vocal followings — remember that there are millions of sports fans out there like Fat Jimmy, sports fans who enjoy the fact that so many media people are assholes. Such fans also apparently tend to have difficulty with basic reading comprehension skills. So unless I become a prick or start writing at a 5th grade level, I’m going to continue to miss out this huge segment of fans. Too bad.

Site business

JULY 15, 2009


Oh. Yeah.

Site business

SportsPickle is now on Twitter. Follow this.

It’s like my writing here or on Page 2, only without all of those annoying words that surround the (occasionally) amusing lines.