Nothing to see here …

Soon your fancy interweb browsers will be directed to the all-new 

That will happen on July 15th actually. (You may have seen mention of that date around here recently.)

Nothing new will be posted here until the re-launch as I finalize all of the new stuff. In fact, nothing will be posted here ever again. 

Suck it, WordPress.

EDIT: I would appreciate it if you all would use this post — which will still be accessible via — to leave any feedback or comments on the new site. Word? Word.


24 responses to “Nothing to see here …

  1. I think I’m having a panic attack!

  2. As long as you have RSS going so I don’t miss a single thing.
    It will be a long week.

  3. Anonymous = Jim


  4. I miss you already!

  5. Is the relaunch Super Secret Project #1? Or one of the many Super Secret Project sequels?

  6. im getting all misty eyed….ill miss all the wonderful hours i’ve spent on this site in lieu of doing the work for which i was getting paid for.

    oh well, i’m certainly looking forward to see how the site will be enhanced.


    i mean, look what he did to that poor mcnair couple for breaking one of God’s commandments…that guy is ruthless.

  7. The “relaunch of sportspickle” picture on the main page looks like a pile of green crap 🙂 what have you been eating DJ?

  8. Confused. Will there be no place on the new site to interact?

  9. If this is anything like New Coke…someone’s getting a swirlie!!!

  10. sportspickle

    @Joshua — It’s SSP#2. SSP#1 was/is comically delayed. SSP#3 is probably not happening. SSP#4 is still a good ways off.

    @Mike — Not at first, no. Commenting capabilities will be coming soon after the launch. Which is not ideal, I know. But they’re coming. And, think about it: before this January, this site went 7 years without commenting capabilities and still doesn’t have it for the part of the site that most people visit. So I hope a brief delay doesn’t chafe anyone’s taint too severely. I look forward to being able to interact with you losers again soon. (Really.)

  11. Peter Rypterhymen

    Chafe taint is the name of my punk band.

  12. sportspickle

    @Stephanie – And I miss you.

    @Peter Rypterhymen – No way! My punk band is named Grundle Burn. We used to be called The Perineum Eczema Quintet. (Although we were a barbershop choir at that time.)

  13. I guess you aren’t bluffing about not posting anything new til the 15th. OK I’ll stop refreshing this page every minute like I have the last 24 hours.

    Lookin forward to the relaunch DJ!

  14. Avid sportspickle reader

    Daily content on the new site? Sweet! I’m sick of occasionally having to read that talentless hack Bill Simmons cause SportsPickle was only updated weekly!

  15. Hey man, Bill Simmons rocks. So does Gallo. That’s not mutually exclusive. Rick Reilly and Peter King suck.


    SSP#1 is moving out of your mom’s basement? SSP#2 is the new site design.
    SSP#3 is the Pirates finally making the playoffs?
    SSP#4 is book #2?

  16. the 15th is my birthday so thanks for making it the most awesome birthday ever!

  17. This Sportspickle hiatus has been the longest week of my life, including some time I spent in Hanoi in the late 60s-early 70s.

  18. Anonymous = Jim

    It’s the 15th, 8:16 am and nothing new yet…I need my fix!

  19. ummm…is xmas morning coming late today? 9 a.m. EST, and no new site?

  20. sportspickle

    Patience, my pretties. It’s coming. It might take a little for all of the servers and stuff around our fine planet to pick up the switch.

  21. sigh…..I miss you

  22. sportspickle

    I believe we are live, dear ones.

  23. sportspickle

    Well, here’s a sort of place to comment for now:

  24. Comments on the new site:

    1. The green astroturf background is pretty jarring to the eyes. Recommend something off-white.

    2. Most people won’t do more than two or maybe three mouse-wheel scrolls on a page, so your stuff at the bottom runs the risk of becoming mostly unseen.

    3. I like the categories. I wasn’t able to delve deep enough–is the archive included under the category links? It needs to be.

    4. I was hoping for a new category and got one with the ‘Faces’.

    5. No matter how I spell it, when I type ‘actual humor’ into your search box, it comes up with no results. 🙂

    Overall a big step forward. And the day before NASA retouches there moon landing video. Well done.

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