William & Mary & YOU!

The College of William & Mary is changing it’s nickname from the Tribe to … something deemed less racially insensitive.

If you would like to submit a name, you can do so here. But the deadline is midnight tonight. AHHHHHHHHH!  TOO MUCH PRESSURE! Who could possibly think of a non-racially insensitive nickname in that short amount of time?

I have already submitted the following:

William & Mary Royal Inbreds  (obvious)

William & Mary Fightin’ Gout   (gout was a common disease in colonial days)

William & Mary Powdered Wigs   (obvious)

William & Mary & Teammates    (visually consistent)

William & Mary Fightin’ Ampersands      (unique)

William & Mary Enlightened Former Imperialists     (EFIs for short; shows contrition and understanding)

William & Mary Totally-Honorable-And-In-No-Way-At-All-Stereotyping Tribe    (appropriately PC)

And then a few more using anagrams of WilliamAndMary.

William & Mary Rad Wily Madmen

William & Mary Mild Wary Animals

William & Mary Mild Raw Mania

William & Mary May-I-Win Mallards

William & Mary I’d Win Llama Army

But I think we all can agree that due to what would be a very intimidating logo, the William & Mary Fightin’ Gout is the way to go.

G-O-U-T      GOUT!     GOUT!     GOUT!


3 responses to “William & Mary & YOU!

  1. partyelevator

    I just feel bad you had to go through other pictures of Gout to find that one.

  2. Mild Wild Animals get my vote.

  3. I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.



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