TV this afternoon

No. 6 Andy Roddick vs. No. 20 Tomas Berdych (Wimbledon 4th Round) — 1:00 p.m. ET on ESPN2

brooklyndeckerAm I going to watch this? No, probably not.

But Andy Roddick is typically such a failure on the court that he rarely provides any opportunities to run a picture of his wife. So I’m taking that opportunity now.

And if Roddick is somehow out-choked by other players for the rest of the tournament and advances to the Wimbledon finals or even wins the tournament … well, expect the new site design to be a massive picture of Brooklyn Decker with my writing in 0.00008-font inside her navel.


3 responses to “TV this afternoon

  1. we can only hope, for the sake of the integrity of this web-site, that Roddick does get outchoked.

  2. Yes. Integrity of the, umm…web-site.

  3. I just got “outchoked”.

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