Ribbed for Brazil’s pleasure







“I want it first!”

“No, I want it in me first!”





“I will achieve orgasm tonight!”

“Or-gy! Or-gy! Or-gy!”




“We like-a the taste!



3 responses to “Ribbed for Brazil’s pleasure

  1. God forbid I should EVER question anyone making fun of soccer players in any way, but this bit smacks just a tad of sour grapes, DJ. Were you really THAT crushed when the US lost?

  2. sportspickle

    Yeah, totally sour grapes … I’m HUGE into the Confederations Cup.

    Umm, no … I’m on record as saying the trophy looks like a massive dildo before the match even started: https://twitter.com/sportspickle/status/2374417181

  3. I was crushed when the US lost…

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