Fantasy baseball tips

There’s only one more day left in June. It’s now-or-never time to jumpstart your fantasy baseball team. Here are some tips.

ADD: Francisco Liriano, P, Twins — Liriano stopped throwing one of his two sliders recently and is 2-0 with 12 Ks and a 3.75 ERA in his two starts since making the change. If the former phenom decides stop throwing one or both of his meatballs, we may see that ERA drop below 3.00.

ADD: Scott Rolen, 3B, Blue Jays — Rolen is hitting .397 this month and is riding a 16-game hitting streak. He is a great pickup for deep leagues or leagues that allow 30-day retroactive moves.

HOLD: David Ortiz, DH, Red Sox — Ortiz has been hot in June, hitting .313 with 7 HR and 17 RBI. His improved play coincided with the discovery that his eyes were too dry. But be concerned that Ortiz could be busted for using the same drug to re-wet his eyes that former teammate Manny Ramirez was using to re-wet his vagina.

HOLD: David Wright, 3B, Mets — Wright is hitting .342 and is on pace to steal 43 bases. But he also is on pace to hit just 8 HR with 85 RBI, as well as strikeout 161 times. Not really the power numbers you want from a corner infielder. Wait for the Mets to employ a dramatic infield shift in an upcoming against Ryan Howard or Adam Dunn, and then petition your league to change Wright’s position to shortstop.

HOLD: John Olerud, retired — Yes, he has been retired for four years. But you can’t drop him. You just can’t. He has a very fragile brain. You could kill him.

DROP: Juan Pierre, OF, Dodgers — Pierre has been outstanding over the past two months — .316 AVG, 17 SB — but Joe Torre has already announced that he will be back on the bench once Manny Ramirez returns next week. That should teach the slap-hitting Pierre that he should have made better choices about steroids.


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