Happy Father’s Day!

7 tips for effective (sports) fathering …

No cheerleading. No exceptions. I can’t believe this is still even a topic for discussion. You really want your daughter to think her purpose is to stand on the sidelines and look pretty and cheer on the boys? When she could be playing sports herself? No, no, no. I am quite happy to have the sidelines strewn with shapely, half-naked women. Just not my daughter. Cheerleading is a gateway drug to beauty pageants. Cheerleading is a gateway drug to clear heels and the pole. But cheerleading isn’t just for girls anymore, you say. You’re right. Cheerleading is now for girls and also guys no one respects.

Oh, and looking for a great Father’s Day gift? No way! I have just the perfect gift!


3 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Once my wife and I found that we were having a girl, that was the first rule we made. No cheerleading.

    Oh, and I also instituted the “make your kid a left-handed relief pitcher” rule with her. Actually I had that rule in effect long before I even met my wife, let alone had a daughter. Hey, who knows, by the time she’s old enough, females might be playing in MLB. Daddy’s gotta live vicariously through his kid and make his money somehow, right?

  2. You put out a book? Why have I heard nothing about this!?

  3. @Mike – I’d loan you my copy, but then my coffee table would be crooked…

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