“Joe Buck’s First Stand-Up Comic”

(Scene: “Joe Buck Live.”)

Buck: “What an interview with Brett Favre. And now, as this is a sports comedy show, I would like to welcome out a stand-up comic … you know him well … Mr. Tim McCarver!”

(Polite applause. McCarver walks onto the stage and stands in front of a microphone.)

McCarver: “Hey, everyone. Great to be here. But I’m not a stand-up comedian. I’m an astute baseball mind.”

(The crowd chuckles.)

McCarver: “So anyway, the other day I was watching a baseball game and I thought: ‘Hey, isn’t a walk as good as a home run?'”

(The crowd erupts into laughter. Many fall out of their chairs. Some are unable to stop their heads from exploding.)

(End scene.)


One response to ““Joe Buck’s First Stand-Up Comic”

  1. stevebraband

    Artie Lange took a slightly different approach….

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