Site business

JULY 15, 2009


Oh. Yeah.


6 responses to “Site business

  1. Hey Gallo, are you going to update T.I.R.S.H., False Quote, and Mail Athletes this week?

  2. is this the long foretold of secret project?

  3. Anonymous = Jim

    Probably the collegehumor changeover or the next time the webpage will be updated. Either way, epic win for us.

  4. Will this be bigger than Gabbo?

  5. Is it our one year anniversary already? I always forget those.

  6. July 15th. All right! I’m already counting down the days. Let’s see… add that to that… carry the 1… er wait, I should subtract there… umm… I’ll count down the days later. Lookin forward to it tho!

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