I defend the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Fact #4: The Pirates’ front office actually knows what it’s doing.

No. Really. And trust me, that was a hard sentence for me to write. The Microsoft Word paper-clip guy even popped up and said, “You appear to be talking crazy. Need me to contact the psychiatric hospital?”


5 responses to “Espnessence

  1. Hmmm. Were you testing the material for this column on us on the comment board yesterday? No wonder you were all worked up.

    I’m sold! Go Pirates!

  2. Hey Flip, was thinking the same thing too. BTW, those are the most positive comments he’s ever received on an ESPN board. Funny, goes to a mostly serious article, with some humor, and gets rave reviews. Good piece, I never knew I’d be so interested in the Pirates. But I will always HATE Doug Drabek, Barry Bonds & Bobby Bonilla.

  3. Let everyone else satirize the Buccos. Gallo brings the straight talk on the Pirates’ return to prominence.

  4. Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they ARGGHHHH!

  5. Wow! A reference to the Word Paper Clip thing! I worked long ago on Clippit (the paper clip guy’s official name) and I’m always happy to see him get some love. If the Pirates can return to prominence, so can Clippy (his nickname)!

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