Fantasy baseball tips

The first notable trade of the season has been completed. And more are surely on the way. It may be time to tweak your fantasy roster again. Here are a few tips. 

ADD: Nate McLouth, OF, Braves — McLouth is coming off an All-Star season and should see his offensive numbers improve now that he is in a better lineup. Of course, as many players do, he could struggle making the jump to the majors. At 27 he is fairly old to be making his major league debut and there must be some fairly significant holes in his game that prevented him from arriving earlier.

ADD: Jeff Niemann, P, Rays — Niemann is 3-1 with a 2.03 ERA in his last five starts — numbers that will do wonders for your pitching stats. And at 6-foot-9, 280 pounds, he should help you with rebounds and blocked shots, too.

TRADE: John Maine, P, Mets and Carlos Beltran, OF, Mets — There are rumors that Maine and Beltran have swine flu. Try to trade them both to another fantasy owner in your league who doesn’t know about the rumors. But insist that the deal not hinge on a physical. Or ask Maine and Beltran to not let your trading partner examine them.

DROP: Jimmy Rollins, SS, Phillies — Rollins’ numbers have dropped dramatically since he won the NL MVP in 2007. This year his batting average is down to .229 with only 3 HR, 18 RBI and a .270 OBP. If you are holding him until his average drops to .000 in hopes it will then re-emerge in .900s before falling to the .800s, .700s, etc., that’s not really how these things work. 

ADD: Bryce Harper, C, high school — Harper, a high school sophomore, is dubbed “Chosen One” on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. He’s a good pickup if you play in a deep keeper league. He’s also a good pickup if you play in a fantasy high school league. And, if you do, your IP address has been recorded and the authorities will be at your door any minute now. Ha-HA! Got you, pervert!


22 responses to “Fantasy baseball tips

  1. This won’t be McLouth’s major league debut. He’s been playing since ’05 with Pitts…. oh wait a minute. I see what you did there. Haha. Good one!

  2. sportspickle

    Flip, I think you are looking for the ESPN or Yahoo boards.

  3. First?

  4. Anonymous = Jim

    I hope the Pirates got more for McLouth than the box of frozen pierogis and Primanti sandwich they got for Jason Bay and Xavier Nady.

  5. Hey, as a Bucs fan, I’m proud they are adhering the Americans With Disabilities Act by trading 90% of their offense to Atlanta for Corky from “Life Goes On”. He’s a solid actor and did a great job…what? They actually got GORKYS Hernandez? Never mind then.

    New ownership, new GM, same old shitty trades. At least they still have those 2 highly-promising Indian dudes. That and the 3 shitbags they got in the McLouth trade should push them over the edge…if it’s the edge of oblivion.

  6. sportspickle

    In the Nady trade the Pirates got 40-percent of their current starting rotation and a prospect whose wife steals babies. Nady has done nothing since leaving Pittsburgh. Easy win for the Pirates there.

    Bay has been (surprisingly, to me) great since going to Boston. But he was gone from Pittsburgh after this year as a free agent, so they decided to get something for him instead of have him put up big numbers for a mediocre team and then leave. They got their starting 3B and two prospects. Fine trade there, too.

    McLouth is a nice player. He is a good OF on a team that wants to be .500. I’ve watched this team suck for 17 years. I’m not waiting for the day they are .500. I want them to be legitimately good again. McLouth is only the third or fourth outfielder on a team like that.

    The new regime has been in place for a season and a half, and so far I like everything they’ve done.

    But then, I’m probably overly loyal and willing to forgive past mistakes. Oh, will you look at that … my dog just took a dump on my DVR again.

  7. Way to bring the satire to the comment boards DJ. An hilarious surprise!

  8. Anonymous = Jim

    DJ, I actually cried back in ’92 when Sid Bream beat Bonds’ throw in the NLCS, so don’t give me the loyalty argument. A team CANNOT win (or even get to .500) by consistantly trading the core of their team every year for unproven prospects all the while antagonizing their fanbase. But the stadium is nice.

  9. D.J., I’m ashamed of you. Just because the Bucs got their starting 3B (LaRoche) and 40% of their rotation (Ohlendorf and Karstens) for Bay and Nady doesn’t mean those guys actually BELONG in the majors. Hey, I play rugby, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be suiting up for South Africa anytime soon.

    It’s a shame LaRoche is out of options, because now they either need to keep him (blocking Alvarez’s ascension) or trade him for 10 cents on the dollar (which would actually be an upgrade for his worth) when Alvarez is actually ready….to be traded to the Yankees or Red Sox.

  10. sportspickle

    You cried? I cried, too! Of course, I was a kid. Whereas as you are pathetic.

    I’m not questioning anyone’s loyalty. I’m just willing to give this new regime time to rebuild the franchise the right way. The previous guys — Littlefield and Bonifay — were morons. I didn’t support their moves. Any of them (except maybe the Giles trade). But Huntington is doing it the right way.

    Nady is not good. I don’t see how we’re discussing him.

    McLouth is a good player … for a team that has 16 consecutive losing seasons. He IS NOT a centerpiece of a championship club. He’s just not.

    Guys like Alvarez and McCutchen are those centerpiece-type players … or at least they project to be.

    Sure, it would be nice to have Bay in the middle of the lineup with those guys. But he would have been in his mid-30s by the time they hit their stride. Why not get something for him when he was still marketable?

    The management decisions made over the past 16 years have been horrendous. I wrote about that for ESPN 9 months ago:

    But none of that is on the new regime. They are trying to build up a consistently winning franchise, not a team that can maybe go 82-80 one year.

    I’m willing to wait a few more years to root for a real winner.

    [hilarious joke]

  11. Anonymous = Jim

    I was in middle school and yes I was/am pathetic. Anyway it looks as though you’ve actually thought about this which is kinda scary. I just simply blame Andy van Slyke.

  12. Wow, DJ….those are the most serious sports comments I ever read from you. Good stuff.

  13. sportspickle

    Charlie, to paraphrase Lou Brown in Major League: “Nice thoughts, Gallo. Don’t ever f–kin’ do it again.”

  14. BTW, said pirates are about to sweep the best team in the league (at blowing late season division leads).

  15. sportspickle

    And McCutchen is 1-for-2 so far with 2 runs and a walk.

    Over a season this projects to a .500 AVG, .667 OBP and about 500 runs scored — only a little bit below what I was penciling him in for in my scenario in which the Pirates become a championship team.

    I will accept apologies now.

  16. Nothing lights up a comment board like a Pittsburgh Pirates discussion.

  17. sportspickle

    It’s true. I’ve been pushed before to do stuff that will bring in more traffic … lowest common denominator ploys like posting pictures of scantily-clad women for no reason. But I know the best way to boost traffic is the Pirates. Or, at the very least, scantily-clad pirates.

  18. What about scantily-clad hobo pirates?

  19. Who knew there were this many people on the planet who could/would actually discuss the Pirates?

    More importantly…who knew D.J. Gallo had a serious bone in his body when talking about the Pirates? Or is it a serious boner in his lower body when thinking about scantily-clad pirates??

  20. Wow, those are some solid projected numbers for McCutchen. They’ll be able to get some good pieces in return when they have to trade him back to the Yanks in 2011.

    And who knew DJ was an avid Pirates fan? Now we know why he’s had to mix humor with sports for so long.

  21. sportspickle

    Charlie, I think being a Pirates fan is actually a big reason why I chose to go into/invent this job. I’m serious.

  22. Now that I know you check the hottest board on Pirates baseball in the country, I wanted to make 2 comments, completely unrelated to this board.

    1) Congrats on the sale to CollegeHumor. While we know you like to make us laugh, you couldn’t go on forever without making some dough, so good for you. I just hope it won’t class up the low brow potty/trash/porno sports comedy we’ve all enjoyed over the last half decade.

    2) the new ponder this is great…but I do miss one thing. I won’t say directly, but I’ll give you a hint…it happened every update, and involved a certain unnamed player who hangs with possees, jumps on piles, dances, sometimes wields a knife, and somehow has become God’s favorite LB.

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