Checking in with Tony Dungy

Hello there, crazy eyes. Anything crazy to share with us? 


“[Michael Vick] deserves a second chance and could be very inspiring to young people who make a mistake. … I would definitely give him an opportunity if I needed a quarterback. I wouldn’t be afraid of his past.”

Well, that wasn’t too crazy. That was just an honest opinion. Care to crazy it up a bit? 

Yes? Great.

“[Jay Cutler] is a very talented guy who can throw the ball very well. But quarterbacking is so much about leadership and so much about doing things under pressure. There is going to be a lot of pressure on him.” 

“We’ll see about his maturity level. That’s what I would question. And some of the things that happened leading to him leaving Denver … that would concern me as a head coach.”

So, to recap, Jay Cutler should be a concern to coaches due to rumors about his leadership abilities. But Michael Vick, who is still finishing out his sentence for running a dog fighting ring that was confirmed by the presence of dog remains all over his property, should not be a concern to coaches.

Oh. I see. 

I feel like my brain was just strapped to a rape stand.


4 responses to “Checking in with Tony Dungy

  1. I guess there’s another thing 9 out of 10 people enjoy!

  2. Careful with that, I think that’s what happened to David Carradine.

  3. Don’t strap your head to rape stands.

  4. Some of your better work

    >I feel like my brain was just strapped to a rape stand.

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