T.O.’s new house

Terrell Owens is looking for a house to rent in Buffalo, but his negotiations for a home at 1 Deer Run in Orchard Park, NY have hit a snag because Owens’ claims the residents don’t want “drama n their neighborhood!! LOL!!! Wow!!”

As the intrepid journalist that I am, I did a Google Maps search for 1 Deer Run in Orchard Park. If you click here and then click on “street view” you can actually pan around the neighborhood Owens is considering. Some nice homes, but nothing jaw-dropping.

Oh … and if you click here right now — at least when I wrote this — you can see video of Owens out in the lawn.

You can even see video of the Orchard Park Neighborhood Association meeting as they announce Owens’ arrival.


One response to “T.O.’s new house

  1. You’re one entry too late. I’d rather pan around Kournikova’s neighborhood and windows and stuff.

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