Artist sketches of the Big Ten’s new logo

Joe Paterno says the Big Ten needs a 12th member. However, the non-octogenarian powers-that-be in the conference say that’s not going to happen.

But what if the conference did add another school? How would the Big Ten rework it’s logo?

SportsPickle commissioned a graphic designer to quickly sketch out a few looks.



Not bad. It keeps the look of the current logo. But I’m not sure the disparagement of Northwestern alone makes sense. There are several disparagement-worthy Big Ten programs.



Eh. Doesn’t work. It’s going to be harder and harder for them to keep hiding numbers in the letters as they add schools. 




Good try. But I think this swings too far in the other direction from hiding numbers in the letters. I don’t know why exactly … but something about this one seems very 12-y to me.




Okay, okay. Closer. A twist on an established logo. But there is a perception out there that sequels are always worse than the original. Let’s see something else.



Yes. There we go. That’s it. 

The Big Ten is a football conference and Ohio State is about all it’s got going for it.

<—– This is your future logo, Big Ten fans. Enjoy.


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