The sad fate of high-profile puppets

The Lebron James Nike puppet isn’t the first high-profile puppet to experience a tragic demise. Many have come before it. 

Take a look …

Howdy Doody

After “Howdy Doody” went off the air in 1960, the puppet struggled to find another job. Eventually, desperate, he took several roles in adult films, including “Howdy, Do Me” and “Doody Does Booty.”

But he was soon banned from the industry due to repeated complaints from female co-stars about splinters in their vaginas.

By 1965 he was broke and homeless. A year later he committed suicide by walking into a camp fire. sock puppet

The sock puppet burst onto the scene in 1999 during the dotcom bubble. He appeared in the 1999 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and was in a Super Bowl ad in 2000. 

But then the bubble burst and the sock puppet was out of a job. He took a few jobs in children’s playhouse theatre, but eventually decided to go out in search of his matching sock that had gone missing from the wash years before.

He eventually found it — happily re-matched with another white sock. Enraged, the puppet kidnapped his former match and washed it with a load of red t-shirts. 

Today he is serving a 30-year prison sentence.

Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy were an English puppet act that dated back to the 1660s. 

The act featured the loud, abusive Punch and his wife, Judy — in what many thought was a fictional show. 

And maybe it was for a time.

But Punch gradually became empowered by crowd’s applause of his abuses. One day, before an audience that included British royalty, he savagely beat Judy and hung her by the neck off the edge of the puppet stage with her marionette strings. He was shocked and hurt that the crowd did not cheer his gruesome, public murder.

As he was led away by police, he screamed over and over: “You made me this way! You created this monster!” 

The incident led to the outlawing of puppets for a time in Britain, with Parliament declaring that: “From this day forth, the only fake, wooden beings in this Empire shall be the British people themselves.”

Lamb Chop

Before Shari Lewis passed away due to cancer in 1998, she requested a final meal.

It was lamb chops.






6 responses to “The sad fate of high-profile puppets

  1. I find this list to be lacking

    No Burt’s jealous murdering of Ernie?
    No Kermit imprisoned as Miss Piggy’s leather bound frog slave?
    No Bill Clinton not being eligible for reelection?

  2. What about Mr/s. Garrison’s Mr. Hat?

  3. Time to fire up some Turkoglu puppet ads Nike.

  4. And what about Lil Penny and the Jalapeno!


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