Who is Matt Wieters?

Baltimore Orioles prospect Matt Wieters made his major league debut on Friday. The former Georgia Tech star is considered the best catching prospect since … well, at least since the Orioles called up Jeff Tackett in ’91.

Who is this guy? Here are some facts about Matt Wieters

Due to his size (6-foot-5) and skill (.343 average in parts of three minor league seasons), Wieters has been compared to Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer. This is why, even if Wieters wasn’t a catcher, he would be covered head-to-toe in padding to prevent injury.

Wieters played high school baseball at Stratford High School in his hometown of Goose Creek, South Carolina. British settlers originally referred to the area as Stratford-Upon-Goose-Sh!t.

In addition to catching at Georgia Tech, Wieters served as the team’s closer. Although scouts rate his foot speed as below-average, Wieters was fast enough to serve as his own catcher.

Scott Boras is Wieters’ agent, a fact which prevented Wieters from going one pick earlier in the 2007 draft to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The business card that Boras hands all prospective clients reads simply: “SCOTT BORAS / Making sure clients don’t get stuck with the Pittsburgh Pirates since 1993.” The card alone has allowed him to become the most successful agent in sports.

Wieters received a standing ovation from the crowd at Camden Yards throughout his entire first at-bat, which resulted in a fly-out. Wieters is the first non-Yankees or Red Sox player to receive a standing ovation at an Orioles game 13 years.


One response to “Who is Matt Wieters?

  1. I think Scott Boras only has the phone numbers of about 25% of the MLB GMs. Enjoy Wieters while you can, Baltimore.

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