Stanley Cup Finals edition.

Game 1 …

“Pube face? Come on. Show me some respect.”

“I don’t care what the rest of these guys say. I love you most of all.”

“See what I’m doing here, ref? This type of contact should be called a penalty.”

“This must be what it feels like to be Kid Rock.”

“Ovechkin probably would have made that play. Just sayin’.”

“Yes, you gave a good answer. But I don’t think it was that good.”

“Ohmigod … I can’t believe I’m getting Sidney Crosby’s picture.”

Game 2 …

“You know, they have banners like this at work, too. But they say Paid Vacation, Don’t Work Harder Than You Absolutely Have To, Early Retirement, and Cross The UAW And We Will F–k You Up.”

“Seriously, I would really appreciate any tips you have on how to grow something like that. It is sublime.”

“Dear, sweet Jesus, send us a new goalie.”

“Oh, no. The net is no barrier to my stench.”


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