Stock tips from Wayne Chrebet, Morgan Stanley financial adviser

That’s right, former NFL receiver Wayne Chrebet is now a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley. And all this time I assumed he was managing a Scrapplebee’s. 

Anyway, here are this week’s stock tips from Mr. Chrebet.

Ticker Symbol / Cost

GRT / 2.65 — This company is Glimcher Realty. I don’t know what the f–k they do. But their ticker symbol reminds me of grit. And I know grit is worth a hell of a lot more than $2.65.

ACE / 43.76 — ACE Hardware. This is where I get my flashlights. I also like how it’s an underdog to the supposed stars of hardware like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

POO / ??? — Not a real company. But I miss locker room humor. Maybe TIT is company. If it is, buy it. And by “it” I mean TIT. Heh. TIT.

WMI / 27.49 — Waste Management. I grew up in North Jersey, went to college on Long Island and played professionally in a refinery-strewn waste/marshland across the Hudson River from New York City. Trust me, I know the value of a company who gets rid of trash. 

GM / 0.88 — General Motors. I don’t know much about this one. But my fellow hustler cum financial wiz Lenny Dykstra insists it’s a buy.

Thanks, Wayne!


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