Spelling Bee edition … 

“Did you say ‘Kid and Play’ or ‘Kid n Play’?” 

“I can’t believe he tried the I-M-H-O-R-N-Y line on me.” 

“Okay, here’s the play. You cut left and spell, then you follow in behind her and also spell. Got it?”

“Who did I piss off to get this assignment?”

“Welcome to the 2009 Spelling Bee from the judges. My name is Patty Sbjilf.”

“Look at the posture on these dirty public school kids.”

“Can you use that in a sentence and give me the language of origin while I wait for my unfortunately-timed erection to go down?”

“Congratulations on not looking like a freak and for knowing basic human social cues like shaking hands.”

“You’re wrong, dumbass.”


5 responses to “Captions

  1. So that’s why you are “Anonymous” = Jim.

  2. Anonymous = Jim

    No, that’s just my Hobo name.

  3. sportspickle

    Yeah, he’s more commonly called Prisoner No. 5412863.

  4. Is Sbjilf supposed to stand for “spelling bee judge I’d like to f**k?”

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