NBA and NHL playoffs edition …

“Look who got a trophy for hitting puberty.”

“You know, I didn’t really mean it when I said that I f–ked your mother.”

“At least you didn’t score on me this series.”

“Congratulations, brother. But you should know that I used to put your toothbrush in my butt.”

“You think Mo Williams’ eye is bad? I’ve seen worse. Trust me.”

“Come on, ref — how can you deny all four of these puppy dog eyes? And also the three peanut eyes.”

“Mo Williams said what?”


5 responses to “Captions

  1. It’s Wednesday. Will you please get the horse vagina off the main page?

  2. Horse vagina? Why didn’t anyone alert me?

  3. Now Dwight Howard (see postgame comments)–a man with the nickname ‘Superman’–is playing the whiny ‘disprespect’ card. Only General Zod disrespects Howard, and that’s because he knows where to lay his hands on some kryptonite. Time for this word to leave the lexicon. It is so played, brah.

  4. sportspickle

    Press “refresh” on your browser. The huge picture of a horse’s vagina is long gone. (Unfortunately.)

  5. Sorry, I still see it there. OH NO! Wait, that is just a Cav with chalk. Looked the same!

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