Stay classy, Danica Patrick

This is Danica Patrick’s new commercial that will debut during today’s Indy 500.

As you can see from the commercial, it seems Patrick is willing to participate in the ad, but will not support it’s overt sexuality, nor it’s pandering to the lowest common denominator. 


It’s similar to how she is willing to participate in car races, but will not support their overall emphasis on winning, nor the idea that one should accomplish something in order to be deserving of attention and fame.

[UPDATE: You can see the full-length commercial at if you really want to … it will at least make what I wrote above make a bit more sense. I removed the original video because it started right away and that annoying GoDaddy jingle is not what I want people to hear when they visit the site. What I want them to hear is silence. Awkward, deafening silence.]


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