The many faces of Jon Gruden, broadcaster




“I can’t believe I have to read a promo on the air for ‘Private Practice.'”






“Cold meat sandwiches, chicken fingers and macaroni salad again in the media room? This sucks, man.”



“Who scheduled this Titans-Texans game for Monday Night Football? I didn’t sign up to call crap games.”










“How the f–k was I supposed to know you can’t curse on national TV? I thought they had a seven-f–king-second delay button or some sh!t like that.”



“Only a three-man booth? I don’t get it. I’d carry six or seven guys and never really make it clear to any of them what their role is. Like, maybe one week I do play-by-play and the next I don’t get to say a word, and I never get an explanation for either decision.”


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