Nike Air Sweatshop

[Scene: A small Indonesian village. At the far end of the village, set against the forest, is a thatch-roof warehouse. Approaching the building, there is the sound of heavy machinery. And a steam press. And screams. Sweet God in heaven … there are screams.]

[Inside. A sweaty man with wiry muscles snaps a whip.]

Man: Everyone, listen up! Stop working!

Worker A: Oh, thank you. Our 10-second break is early today.

Man: Silence! [Whips worker.] I have received a memo from corporate. Nike is cutting 5-percent of its global workforce. Some 1,750 jobs will be lost. However! The company is still solvent and is not cutting production.

Worker B: But how is that possible?

Man: Silence! [Whips worker harder.] But good question. [Whips worker again, but lighter.] It is possible because we have been ordered to work 5-percent more to cover the loss of production. Actually, it says here 6-percent harder — we are to increase production.

Worker C: But we already work 20-hour days. How can we be asked to work more?

Man: Silence! [Strangles worker to death with whip.] Does anyone else have any questions?

Worker D: No, sir. But can you maybe not strangle anyone else to death? For every person you strangle, we have to cover their work. And I would prefer to not have to work more than the 6-percent extra I already have to.

Man: Sure. Fine. I won’t strangle anyone else … after I strangle you.

Worker D: Understood. [To self:] My plan worked! Bring me sweet death. My six years on this earth were six too long.


[End scene.]


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