TV tonight

Ducks at Red Wings (Game 7) — 7:00 p.m. ET on Versus

It’s Game 7. Win or go home. Unless the Red Wings win, because they would both win and stay home as the highest remaining seed. And considering the conference finals wouldn’t start tomorrow, the Ducks would get to go home for a couple of days, too. So it’s really: “Win and go home. And lose and go home. Either way, we’re both going to get to go home and see our families. And that’s really all that is important.”


5 responses to “TV tonight

  1. Looks like the Ducks are going home. As are the Red Wings.

  2. Yeah, and the Canes and Bruins (and Celtics, Magic, Rockets, and Lakers) went home after this game too…and they weren’t even playing in the game! Just goes to show how crucial Game 7s are…it really is win and/or go home.

  3. The Church of Latter Day Saints is sponsering this site?????

  4. sportspickle

    @Flip — I told you. It’s really the dirty secret of Game 7s.

    @Chris — Good point. The impact of Game 7s stretches farther than anyone realizes. For example, last night I could have gone out but instead I stayed home to watch Game 7. So Game 7 sent me home, too. Game 7 is super powerful.

    @Mikee A — No. You read the ad wrong. It’s the Church of the Ladder Day Saints. It’s a church full of people who think they can get to heaven with a really tall ladder. F–king morons. But, hey, I’m happy to take their advertising dollars before they kill themselves falling off their big ladder.

  5. Ladder Day Saint?? I can dig that. I think I’ll click for my free copy!!

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