Been there, unfortunately done that

The “mainstream” sports media is treating the news that Candace Parker and Shelden Williams had their first baby as a new story.

Unfortunately for them, SportsPickle was all over this story way back in January as you can see here.

Oh, you’re not the sort that likes to follow links, eh? Well, then here you go …

You’ll follow links now, won’t you?


3 responses to “Been there, unfortunately done that

  1. I’m not even sure I can count the number of levels of disturbing that picture is…I don’t think I can stay at work…although I’m not sure my boss will accept the whole “I’ve gotta go home because I just saw the head of a screaming black man exiting the stone vagina of a very surprised looking black female”.

  2. Brad, I had the exact same thoughts. (well, not exact, but you know what I mean)

  3. sportspickle

    @Brad — I’m not sure if that statue is black. If it is, it’s looking pretty ashy.

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