Ryan Zimmerman: Streaking

Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman has hit safely in 30 consecutive games. 

Here are other significant streaks from Zimmerman’s career:

75 – hit unsafely in 75 consecutive games in high school before his coach convinced him to wear a protective cup.

15 – consecutive text messages he has ignored from teammate Elijah Dukes

8 – consecutive pieces of crap the Nationals have to wait to hit before Ryan Zimmerman can get up again

6 – record for consecutive Washington, D.C. residents able to recognize Ryan Zimmerman

4 – following a game last August played in 93-degree heat, Zimmerman discovered a 4-inch skidmark in his underwear, the longest of his career

2 – consecutive Ms in his last name


4 responses to “Ryan Zimmerman: Streaking

  1. Nice jinx job, Gallo.

  2. Anonymous = Jim

    Gallo hates DC!

  3. sportspickle

    Yes, I have essentially tea-bagged DC. But strictly in the testicles-upon-face way.

  4. Instead of the tea-bagging in the cup or the testicles-into-mouth? This guy is streaking and all you care about is stats! What about the number 1 stat? 1- total people running down the street naked including Ryan Zimmerman!

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