Weekend action edition …

“So awkward. Yet so right.”

“Whaddaya gonna do about, huh, Mrs. Martin? Take off your skirt and fight.”

“Whoa. Looks like someone was so nervous for me she crapped her pants.”

“Come back here, nacho man!”

“No McGrady. No Yao Ming. How is it possible to win a basketball game without one or two stars, let alone none? I am having an existential crisis.”

“I need more help from the bench. And the blind guy is completely worthless.”

“Ohmigod! The lens cap fell off the camera!”


3 responses to “Captions

  1. RE: The Lakers bench caption:
    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil (except that one time in Colorado most people have conveniently forgotten about).

  2. Joe Beast apparently does not approve of the man-love going on in the first photo.

  3. sportspickle

    Indeed. It seems that Joe Beast is just another homophobic rapper.

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