Behind the U. of Toledo sports fixing scandal

As you may have heard, six former University of Toledo athletes have been charged for their role in fixing Rockets basketball and football games from November 2005 to December 2006. How do the feds become wise to something like this? Usually they follow the money trail.

(Scene: FBI office in Toledo.)

FBI Guy: “We are picking up some peculiar betting patterns on Toledo Rockets basketball and football.”

FBI Guy’s Boss: “Toledo Rockets … is that a case code name for something I should know?”

FBI Guy: “No, it’s a University team here in town.”

FBI Guy’s Boss: “Really? Huh. I follow sports pretty closely and I have never heard of them. Okay, what do you have?”

FBI Guy: “My friend in the Las Vegas office says he got wind of some unusual sums being bet on Toledo Rockets games. A $1.50 bet was placed on their football game against a team called Akron. And then a $2 bet was placed on their basketball game against Dayton.”

FBI Guy’s Boss: “Wow.”

FBI Guy: “Exactly. They have apparently had teams for 50 years and never before has anyone ever bet on Toledo. And why would someone unless there was fixing going on.”

FBI Guy’s Boss: “I’m surprised sports books even take bets on Toledo.”

FBI Guy: “Do you think the books are in on it, too?”

FBI Guy’s Boss: “Could be. Let’s just arrest everyone and see what happens.”

FBI Guy: “Do you think this could be our big case? The one that gets us out of the FBI’s Toledo office?”

FBI Guy’s Boss: “I pray to God that it is.”

(End scene.)


One response to “Behind the U. of Toledo sports fixing scandal

  1. As someone that used to spend a lot of time in Toledo, I am offended….that I had to spend time in Toledo!!! Well done as always, DJ!

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