SI: From the Vault

Taking a look at old Sports Illustrated covers … 






Any Questions?

Tiger Woods delivers the most boring press conference in golf history







The Best It’s Ever Been:

Randy Johnson’s mullet









See Manny Run

To the bathroom. And sit down. And have his first period.


5 responses to “SI: From the Vault

  1. Vance Lott

    I’m liking the SI Vault captions. Best new feature on SportsPickle this year.

  2. Classic!

  3. Love the Mangina photo tag. Surprised with no comment on exactly where the “Lakers take it”, and from whom.

  4. Would also love to see a rundown (or bracket, as is required of all Page2 writers) of top male athletes with female biological/anatomical issues. Top of my head are of course Phil “Man-tits” Mickelson, Tom Kite (has always looked like a 75 y.o. grandmother) and now the mangina.

  5. Anonymous = Jim

    Lucius, you’re late to the game, Gallo already did a “Bracket of Brackets.”
    You’ll quickly notice anatomical issues

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