A transcript of Brett Favre’s big meeting with the Vikings. Only it turns out it’s not a meeting but an intervention.

Mays: “Let me say something. Brett, as a fellow sports legend who’s been there, don’t do this. It will hurt your legacy. I wish people didn’t have the memory of me throwing interceptions for the Jets.”

Holmgren: “You mean dropping fly balls for the Mets?”

Mays: “What did I say?”

Holmgren: “Throwing interceptions for the Jets.”

Mays: “Oh. Yeah. I misspoke. I never threw interceptions for the Jets. Brett did, though.”

Eric Mangini: “Twenty-two of them, actually, as a point of fact. Seven in the last three games. Just throwing that out there.”

Holmgren: “Not necessary, Eric. MJ, you’re someone who has been down this road, had a disappointing comeback. What do you have to say to Brett?”

And here is my latest appearance on Dave Dameshek’s podcast.


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