So that settles it

Joba Chamberlain’s mother has been busted for selling meth. Not funny. 

But like most meth arrests, there is a bright side. (Usually the bright side being the flames shooting out of the side of the trailer home/meth lab.)

Anyway … this is the mug shot from Mrs. Chamberlain’s arrest. 

Notice anything? Exactly. That is one outstanding mound glare – the glare of a late-innings reliever. The glare of a setup man. 

If Joba Chamberlain has half the glare of his mother, he could be the greatest reliever of all-time.

Yankees, it’s now obvious. Get Joba Chamberlain out of the rotation and back into the bullpen. Mrs. Chamberlain has glared you a clear message — clearer than the best rock of crystal meth.


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