Hockey referee signals

I am a hockey fan. I know that many of you are not. But considering that we’re now into the second round of the NHL playoffs, I thought it might be useful to teach you all some of the most common referee signals.





>>> Which hand do I have the puck in? Guess correctly and I’ll award you a power play.






>>> My hand puppet, Steve, would like to announce this penalty.






>>> There are only a few minutes left in the game. You guys might want to shoot more.







>>> Can someone please come out and shovel this dead body off the ice?








>>> I can’t believe I forgot my referee pants at home. That is so unprofessional of me.


4 responses to “Hockey referee signals

  1. Gallo grew hair and a goatee!

  2. and got closer to a real job…hi-yoooo!

  3. If Gallow ever did more than type a column every other three months, hell would freeze over. We all love you though DJ, keep up all your awesome writings!

  4. sportspickle

    Yeah, that Gallow is pretty lazy. Gallo, however, has worked pretty much non-stop for seven years.

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