As the finest repository of made up sports information in all the interweb (outside of the Rumors pages on all the mainstream sports sites), SportsPickle strives to be accurate with its non-information.

That’s why I would like to correct something from the poll on the front page of the site. In this week’s poll asking what NFL team had the best draft, I wrote: 

Bengals — they didn’t draft a single criminal, although it should be a felony for Andre Smith to go shirtless

But it turns out they drafted a guy who has been arrested five times. In the sixth round. Five arrests, sixth round talent. So high risk, low reward. That’s pretty much the governing philosophy of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Anyway, I apologize for the error. And, Bengals, I didn’t mean to misrepresent your draft. Please don’t shoot the messenger. 

And I mean that literally. Please don’t shoot me. Or stab me. Or rob me. I’ll just back away slowly, okay? Please. No one has to know what I saw here. I won’t tell anyone. Please, just let me go.


2 responses to “Correction

  1. That’s what makes this site the best damn sports satire/work avoidance/Chesney-Manning news/liberal rant (kidding!) website on the Interweb today.

  2. Arrested 5 times and kicked off a team for hitting the coach. Plus he’s 25 years old and a running back which is a position where 30 is old. And they draft high character guys in Andre Smith and Rey Maualuga. Stay classy, Bengals.

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