TV tonight

Heat at Hawks (Game 5) — 8:00 p.m. ET on TNT

Everyone keeps saying LeBron James and the Cavaliers are a shoo-in for the Finals from the East. But since the Heat and Hawks have been evenly matched so far, what if they combined forces (heat + hawk) and became the mythical bird of fire — a Phoenix? Now who do you think would win the East? Huh? 

Yeah, probably still LeBron.


One response to “TV tonight

  1. How quickly you forget…there already is a Phoenix. It’s a hybrid of a slowly-deteriorating white guy with goofy hair and a rapidly-deteriorating black guy with goofy nicknames for himself. It’s often heard saying, “The Big Aristotle gets aboot with his square-wheeled car. How aboot a Tim Horton’s donut (or 20), eh?”

    Needless to say the fact that this Phoenix didn’t even make the playoffs leads one to believe that the Cavs have nothing to fear…other than the Cuyahoga catching on fire again.

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