Fantasy baseball tips

It’s probably time to juggle your fantasy baseball lineup again. Here are a few tips.

ADD: Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Rockies — Tulowitzki is struggling again this season with a .167 batting average and 17 strikeouts in 54 at-bats. He is a good acquisition in 2007 leagues only.

DROP: Oliver Perez, P, Mets — He has 15 walks in 19.1 innings this season and a 9.31 ERA. Also, he is overweight and from Mexico. So clearly he has swine flu. CUT HIM NOW BEFORE HE INFECTS YOUR ENTIRE TEAM!!!

ADD: Gabe Kapler, OF, Rays — He hardly ever plays. He has no home runs or RBI on the season and he’s hitting .207. But if you’re talking fantasy, ladies, this guy is about as good as you’ll do. He’s, like, super patriotic.

DROP: Hanley Ramirez, SS, Marlins — The key to winning any fantasy league is finding a key contributor or two on the waiver wire. So drop Hanley Ramirez. Then pick him back up on waivers.


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