Mark Sanchez: The Musical

And considering some of you may not understand the art of a musical as well as I do, here is a handy guide to what you will see.

0:00 — Just another day in the Jets organization. 

0:30 — Brett Favre overthrows another ball. He is scorned and sent on his way.

2:00 — The Jets meet Mark Sanchez.

2:45 — Mark Sanchez vows to win the starting quarterback job.

3:40 — Mark Sanchez and his friends confront Kellen Clemens and Erik Ainge.

4:40 — A battle breaks out for who will have the ball in his hands.

7:25 — Kellen Clemens makes negative comments publicly about Sanchez.

8:00 — Clemens officially loses the battle to Sanchez.


4 responses to “Mark Sanchez: The Musical

  1. Anonymous = Jim

    What’s the deal with the West Side Story stuff; has your mom been watching it upstairs?

  2. sportspickle

    What’s the deal with it? West Side Story is one of the funniest movies ever … only all the humor is unintentional. Trust me, if I could make every post about West Side Story, I would.

  3. I actually watched it last week, because of your negative influence.

    First, I wanted to kill myself. Then I realized that there has never been a funnier piece of crap ever made wherein the actors “ACTUALLY thought they were being cool…”

  4. sportspickle

    And Shepard Smith from Fox News as the head Jet is a particularly nice bit of casting.

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