NFL Draft edition … 

“I understand what an honor and responsibility this is to such a degree that I wore my dress jeans.”

“I know I feel a lot more fierce these days, do you?”

“Deal with it, Spanish-speaking fans.”

“Sic semper draft analyst!”

“You realize wearing your hat like that is a $50,000 fine in the NFL, right? And don’t smile either. That’s 100 grand.”

“Yeah, the stench of b.o. and Axe body spray is overwhelming.”

“It’s all thanks to you, overhead lighting.”

“Whoa. Coach Singletary takes this old school approach pretty seriously.”

“Welcome to the 2009 NFL Draft. But, before we begin, let me announce all the NFL players who were charged with felonies last night. Beginning alphabetically with the A’s …”

“Cherish this moment, son. It’s probably all downhill from here.”


One response to “Captions

  1. “Sic semper draft analyst” is simply comedy gold. If only you could have photoshopped in Mel Kiper taking one into that merkin he wears on his head…priceless.

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