Bronzed and laminitised

Barbaro has finally been memorialized in statue form at Churchill Downs.

The track unveiled a 1,500-pound bronze statue of Barbaro on Sunday. The sculpture, created by Alexa King, shows Barbaro flying down the track with all four feet off the ground as he carries Prado to glory. The statue, which has Barbaro’s ashes in the base, is placed outside a gate at the venerable track so the public can visit him at any time.

Oh, no. It’s not closed off? The public can visit at any time? “Mommy, why is there bird poo-poo all over that horsey’s hiney?” “I don’t think that’s bird poo, honey. It’s a man’s … love.”

And, of course, the dedication ceremony had it’s share of crazies in attendance.

Melissa Nobles of Tallahassee, Fla., was visiting her son at Army basic training in Georgia during Barbaro’s rehab but found time to monitor the horse’s progress.

“He was almost like a person, he felt like family,” Nobles said.

It’s why Nobles decided to send the horse an e-mail — the only one she says she’s ever sent in her life — to let him know that he was in her prayers.

“I could care less for [e-mailing] people, but I made sure he got my e-mail,” she said. “He was that special.”

Biggest surprise … a person sending one e-mail in her life and it being to a horse? Or the same person having a child, meaning this sad, pathetic being has somehow convinced another person to engage in intercourse with her?


4 responses to “Bronzed and laminitised

  1. Maybe the kid is half horse…Barbaro Jr?

  2. Sweet, sweet Barbaro… you did not die in vain. I won $4.20 on you before you moved to that great horse farm in the sky.

  3. @Mike D – The great glue factory in the sky?

  4. saddest? definitely, definitely the latter. definitely. no doubt. definitely.

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