This Weekend’s New Book To Not Read

Age is Just a Number by Dara Torres

Ooooh. A book about swimming. Sounds pretty tempting.

But this isn’t just any book about swimming. The title suggest it is also somewhat philosophical. 

Okay. I’ll play along. “Age is just a number.” Great. Similarly then, the numbers on a stopwatch are just numbers, too. So let’s say I swam every race at the Beijing Olympics in 4.0 seconds. No, let’s say 2.5 seconds. Please give me my 15 gold medals at your earliest convenience. 

Also, let’s agree that the dollar figure on a book is just a number. Yours says $24.95. How about I give you a dollar? But I’ll have to see you sans swimsuit. Deal? Deal.

Philosophical swimming books RULE! You know, maybe this is a book you should read after all.


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