GASP! The two greatest leaders of our time meet!

Wow. Just soak that image in for a minute. (I’ll wait.) 

Do you realize that the handshake you see there contains 200 percent perfection?

If we could only have one superhero lead us going forward, who would you choose? First, let’s compare these two icons.

Tebow | Obama

spread … Product Of … desire for hope and change

plaque … Words Immortalized By … MSNBC

Jesus Chuck Norris Christ … Models Himself After … Abraham Lincoln

throwing accuracy … Biggest Weakness … turn on Fox News and pick

Meyer … Helpful Urban … vote

massive-titted Florida co-eds … Ladies Photographed With … Michelle, Sasha and Malia

Mel Kiper, Jr. … Biggest Detractor … Rush Limbaugh

jump pass … Go-To Move … inclusive rhetoric/dribble-drive left and pull-up for a jumper

Percy Harvin … Troubled Associate … Bill Ayers

home … Schooling … AT A RADICAL MADRASSA!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!

place their balls on his face … Southern White Men Want To … tea bag him

foreskins … Wants To Cut … wasteful spending

– – – – – – – – – – – –

So who do you want to lead our country?


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