This Weekend’s New Book To Not Read

The Gold Standard: Building a World-Class Team by Mike Krzyzewski

Really? Did USA basketball fall so far that you can sell yourself as some sort of leadership guru for coaching the Dream Team to Olympic gold?

Outside of saying to the team: “Hey, maybe we should start practicing a little earlier this year and try just a little bit harder and not underestimate our opponents,” what did Mike Krzyzewski say or do to fill 256 pages about leadership?

I prefer Chuck Daly’s book about coaching the 1992 Dream Team: Here’s the Ball, I’m Going to Go Enjoy a Nice Scotch.

– – – – – – – – 

In other book news, either I got a lot more popular in the last few weeks or we are seeing the first signs of hyperinflation: my book is now selling for $7.51, up from $4.00. Woot! If only you would have had the wisdom to buy two books when they were at $4.00, you could be looking at a cool profit of $7.02 right now. I say roll your 401(k) over to my book now before it goes higher.


6 responses to “This Weekend’s New Book To Not Read

  1. The first thing I’ll do when I get my billion-dollar bailout is buy your book. Well, OK, maybe after upgrading my corporate LearJet and sponsoring an executives-only “strategy session” at the most expensive hotel in Vegas.

    But after that, sure, buying your book will definitely boost the economy and increase my personal wealth.

  2. Incidentally, the follow-up to this book is going to be entitled “The Pewter Standard: Building a World-Class Team of College-Aged Douchebags of Middling Talent”.

  3. I read your book while pooping.

  4. sportspickle

    wolv256, I am intrigued by what tense of “read” you are referring to. Past tense? Or present? And if present, are you also commenting while pooping? And if so, courtesy flush, please, as others are here, too.

  5. So if it’s so easy to win the Olympic title with this team, how come they didn’t win 4 years ago with an excellent squad under Larry Brown (of UNC).

  6. sportspickle

    Not easy. But also not leadership book-worthy.

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