There has been a huge misunderstanding

When the news first broke that Isiah Thomas was going to Florida International University, I think we all thought: “Really? The guy who destroyed three NBA teams? The guy who put the CBA out of business? The guy who sexually harassed a co-worker? The guy who blamed his own suicide attempt on his daughter? Why would any respectable institution of higher learning bring in someone like that?”

But then I watched today’s introductory press conference and FIU’s provost repeatedly used the name “Isiah Thompson” in his opening remarks. (Yes, seriously.)

First I laughed at the “mistake.” And then it hit me … of course! They don’t what Isiah Thomas. They’re not insane. FIU wants Isiah Thompson.

But who is this Isiah Thompson?

After doing some research, the only person that makes sense is an Isiah Thompson, a former two-star high school recruit who now plays defensive tackle for the Houston Cougars. I guess he’s transferring to Florida International.

So, FIU, I guess you got yourself a mediocre lineman … and NOT a sexual-harassing, child-blaming, basketball team-destroying a-hole.

Get security to escort Mr. Thomas from the building as soon as possible.

Today is a great day in South Florida.


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