Field slapper

Duke backup point guard Greg Paulus is getting consideration as an NFL quarterback.

Before you laugh, consider his legitimately impressive track track record.

— Paulus was the top-ranked high school quarterback in the country as a senior in 2004 and was recruited by top programs.

— He can take a big hit without getting injured. 

— He reminds you a lot of Peyton Manning. (In that they both have fetus faces.)

— Many of the top quarterbacks in the NFL are, like Paulus, quite easy to loathe.

So there you have it. He’s got many NFL attributes. If he can just get by the fact that he has likely been forever tainted by an athletic program that is the antithesis of toughness, that he is undersized for a quarterback on any level, and that he hasn’t played football in five years, I’m pretty sure Greg Paulus is our next NFL superstar quarterback.

(Hey, at least he never played for Duke’s football team. I doubt they’ve ever put anyone in the NFL. In fact, I don’t even think they’ve had anyone play Division I football.)


6 responses to “Field slapper

  1. Hey, they could use a mascot. And he definitely is a “Packer”.

  2. One sad note is that Ronald Curry was a Duke football player (QB) who made it to the NFL as a WR. But then again, he is a Raider, so therefore may not be eligible as an NFL “player”.

  3. DJ,

    Curry went to UNC, not Duke, ya tool!!!

  4. PHEW!
    I knew it was some suckass team from the carolinas!

  5. Actually we had a player in the most recent Super Bowl less than a year after he left the Duke football program.

    Ever hear of doing some actual research, retards? Oh I guess you actually have to go to Duke to be smart enough for that.

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