Playoff beard time

The NHL playoff field is set. So now’s the time to begin growing your playoff beard.

As a service to you, here’s a link I found that has tips for beard-growing. 

And here are a few more tips from me to the few of you who read this site who are not NHL players: 

1. Don’t have a job.
2. Be depressed.
3. Have a fat neck that you’re desperate to conceal.


Finally, to inspire you as you begin growing your beard, here a few pictures of great beards from history.



Mike Commodore, Hurricanes defenseman





Scott Niedermayer, Ducks defenseman






Sidney Crosby, Penguins center




And Katie Holmes, the greatest beard of all-time, in the performance of most of her adult lifetime …


4 responses to “Playoff beard time

  1. “Katie Holmes, the greatest beard of all-time”. now, that is funny.

  2. Man, Crosby must have been growing that thing for a good two years at least.

  3. There is no one/nothing in sports I hate more than Sidney Crosby or his pathetic attempt at a play-off beard! Pittsburgh won’t get out of the first round, they have two super stars. That’s it. Okay… My hockey rant’s over. (:

  4. An Amanda Beard picture would have been better.
    It would have went well with Amanda Huggenkist.
    Or Al Kekouris

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