Ten people to watch at the Masters who aren’t Tiger Woods.

Gary Player: Player is a three-time green jacket winner. And thanks to his lifelong dedication to physical fitness, he has played in 52 consecutive Masters. But he now is 73 years old, and this year’s tournament is his last. For real. “There’s nothing worse than you see these boxers and athletes saying they are retiring, and they come back and they get their knees knocked in and they end up punch-drunk,” he said recently. I think we all can agree that no one wants to see that happen to a great champion like Player. However … punching in golf would be kind of awesome. Ration the punches like timeouts. Each golfer gets two per nine holes. Imagine the drama of a short putt to win the Masters when your opponent still has an uppercut in his bag. “And here’s Phil Mickelson for the win … he addresses the ball … draws back his putter … and — OH! He’s down! He’s down! He’s cut badly. Phil Mickelson is hurt.”


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