This Weekend’s Book To Not Read

Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic by Alyssa Milano

From the book’s promotional paragraph: “Alyssa Milano is in love; she has been for some time. But the object of her affection isn’t the subject of tabloid gossip or an actor; in fact, it isn’t even a guy. It’s a game, a game of nine innings that uses a ball a made of leather and cock.”

What?! ZOMIGOD! Sounds like quite a book!

Only I made a typo transcribing the last word of that paragraph. It’s supposed to be “cork” not “cock.” Yeah, Alyssa Milano wrote a baseball book.


And it’s a fairly long book, too. 256 pages. Only 12 of which are pictures of Alyssa Milano. That’s a terrible things-I-don’t-want-to-see to things-I-want-to-see ratio.

All of which make this book a perfect recipient for’s first “This Weekend’s Book To Not Read” award.

Congratulations, Alyssa!


2 responses to “This Weekend’s Book To Not Read

  1. Joe Torre wrote the foreword? you’re kidding me….That’s what they get for having such a long offseason…I say making them play all year round then they won’t get bored and “write” forewords..

    What did he write anyway? She keeps my players happy? Sheesh

  2. Pictures are worth a billion little swimmers in a warm sock!

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