John Elway is sad

About Jay Cutler’s trade. And anyone who has spent time around a John Elway knows that this is very bad news. For when a John Elway gets sad, it stops eating. It refuses to trot. Soon it gets weak. And then it is prone to a serious injury that will necessitate its euthanization. 

So I say we get it over with now. We don’t want to see John Elway suffer and prolong the unfortunate inevitable.

Enjoy horse heaven, John Elway.


4 responses to “John Elway is sad

  1. You’re sick, Gallo.

  2. That was a cool horse shot.

    Was that a pellet or bb gun?

  3. sportspickle

    Probably neither. From my experience, pellet and bb guns aren’t strong enough to kill horses. You need a hunting rifle. Or a shotgun at close range. And then still you have to finish it off with a few whacks with a shovel.

  4. Anonymous = Jim

    You could always use Joey Porter’s dogs.

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