My sweater vest will be raised to the rafters

My Pretties –

After two years, my Tuesday ESPNews appearances are no more.

Something else is in production, but you may feel free to tell your employer that you are able to work again on Tuesday afternoons for the time being.

But for now, let’s raise my sweater vest to the rafters … there it goes … up and up  and … NO! Too high! It’s against one of the TV lights! It’s on FIRE! No! Noooooooooo!


7 responses to “My sweater vest will be raised to the rafters

  1. Anonymous = Jim

    I was rather partial to your hooded argyle sweater.

  2. The sweater vest died like a viking! Honorable.

  3. I’ve seen you in person twice now, and am sad to report that neither time did you don your sweater vest. Are us unwashed masses unworthy?

  4. sportspickle

    When have you seen me in person twice?!?! I demand an answer! Are you the guy in my bushes? If so, you should probably come in. It’s raining. (Pervert.)

  5. partyelevator

    I feel bad!
    For the public of course.
    How will we be able to keep up on the latest trends in sweater vests now? Surely, you will be creating a newsletter or YouTube channel?

  6. You pissed off the wrong person huh? Well I’ll miss seein you on there. It was always the most exciting two minutes of my week.

  7. Bushes? No that’s just a decoy… I’m in your sock drawer

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