Gisele on the cover of “Vanity Fair”

Hmmm. Why would she be laying naked in bed with a blindfold on? I guess when you’re married to a guy who looks like this and can only get aroused by dressing up in a lamb costume, it’s hard to watch.

Or maybe she wears a blindfold all the time to help her forget about food.


5 responses to “Gisele on the cover of “Vanity Fair”

  1. I thought the blindfold was so she could imagine Tom was DJ

  2. She has to wear something! Otherwise it would be indecent and might cause impure thoughts. Just imagine what would happen if poor Eli Manning saw this “spread” and she wasn’t wearing anything!!!!

  3. I’d hobolingus that

  4. who gives a shit about the blindfold; look at that spread! Who the hell told her to put her arms there!

  5. sportspickle

    I believe Tom told here to put her arms there. He doesn’t like two teets. He is only turned on by six. Hence, goats.

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