“The clock has almost struck midnight, Cinderella. We are at the Final Four.”

“No, Jay Wright. You are not deserving of Cinderella. You are a No. 3 seed. And from the Big East, no less. Plus, look at you — you dress like a fop. You have the hair of a dandy. The amount of time you clearly spend on yourself would leave you no time to meet my needs.”

“Oh, Cinderella. You break my heart. I had hoped your strong yet feminine hands would work my shaft like you work your broomstick.”

“Okay. I’ll do it. But let’s make it quick. Help me take off this glove and then drop your overpriced pants and silk boxers. I’m due up in Izzo’s room in 20 minutes. A coach who took a Big Ten team to the Final Four … now that’s someone Cinderella can get with.”


9 responses to “Cinderella

  1. A big ten team in the final four in seven of the last ten years… Cinderella must be a slut!

  2. sportspickle

    Indeed. Let’s just say that the white stuff all over her dress in that picture is not light glistening off of her.

  3. Total slut! Remember when George Mason banged the shit outta her a couple years back?

  4. Anonymous = Jim

    Thanks for ruining the innocence of Cinderella for me…now when my daughter watches the movie I’ll be thinking of nothing but what a slut she is and how her step-mother’s probably a cougar.

  5. Naw, I want to go watch Cinderella again with the kids!

  6. EWWW! That didn’t come out right!

  7. OOPS! That either; I should just stop.

  8. sportspickle

    Anonymous = Jim, I don’t see how my portrayal of Cinderella justifies you speaking that way about your daughter. Who are you — Alec Baldwin??? And is her step-mother a cougar or not? You’re the one married to her. You should know. (If yes, please send pictures.)

  9. Anonymous = Jim

    You’re propensity for missing the point have once again foiled my attempt at humor. Next time Gallo. Next time….

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